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Smart Industry Group is a company, specialized in establishing Industrial Control System (ICS), Automation of Building Management System (BMS).


Machine tool automation for peeling details after flocking texture applying. «Global Flok» company.

Software developing. Setting up an operating servomotors system, frequency changers. Configuring electrical engineering mechanism. Applying program algorithm, alarms, archiving. Operating with hardware security modules. Starting-up and adjustment works.

Machine tool automation for manufacturing automobile elements. DR.Schneider company.

Correction of software algorithm. Integration with system of a machine vision.

Machine tool automation for assembling plastic elements for Mercedes Sprinter automobiles.BOHM company.

Software developing. Applying an up-to-date technology Industry 4.0 – a global communication protocol IO-Link. Starting-up and adjustment works.



Ukraine, 61010, Kharkov city, Poltavsky Shliah str, 123, 2 flor


  • +38 067 573 79 99
  • +38 067 765 27 40